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Trained Older Puppies and Young Adults Available For Adoption
Eight year old male Golden Retriever BB is available for adoption

Eight year old male Golden Retriever BB is available for adoption. He's a wonderfully sweet boy, the sweetest, most mellow and laid back dog you could ever meet actually! BB stands for Big Boy, which he is. He probably weighs in the 85-90 pound range and has the most gorgeous head/face you've ever seen. He is OFA Good, CERF Normal and OFA Heart Normal. We've never had any health issues with him other than an occasional hot spot, though now that he's on a 100% raw food diet, he doesn't get those anymore either. We always treat them naturally when they do come up, with a tea tree/neem oil salve and a head cone if needed so he doesn't lick at it while it heals. He's crate trained and even though his size could be intimidating to some, he doesn't have a mean bone in his body. He LOVES to cuddle and could very happily sit by your side all the day long if you were petting him. He'd happily jump up into your lap too if you let him, (though that would be a bit of a feat to get all of him onto you since he's so big!) Adoption price is $1,200 and includes his neuter.

We require all our adoptive parents of older dogs to take at least one six to eight week group training class with their dog as this helps bonding and helps you and your dog to speak each others language, and helps your dog to know what's expected of them. You must sign up for your first class within two weeks of bringing your new dog home and proof of enrollment and completion must be sent to us. You will receive a $50 training discount upon completion of the class as long as it meets the requirements stated on our "get paid to train your dog page."

We will not adopt one of our dogs to a family that has to be gone at work six hours a day or more, five days a week, UNLESS, they are willing to make the commitment to have a doggie walking service come in and spend time with their dog, or take them to a reputable doggie daycare. Dog walking service need not be a professional organization, it could be a neighbor or relative that lives close by.

If BB sounds like a dog that you might like to adopt into your family, please feel free to call me or email me with your phone number.

Guardian Homes Wanted

All Guardian Homes must be within a three hour drive to Sacramento Ca. Guardian Families will need to pay $300 to be part of the program. Guardian contract will include the girl coming back to us for six breedings (if she's a puppy, less if she's older and already had litters, your contract will specify.) You will have to agree to keep her in excellent physical and emotional condition, which means training, socializing, exercising and feeding a very high quality food we specify. Vet bills other than those for breeding purposes, are to be paid by the guardian home. You must be willing to either drive half way to meet us for picking up and dropping off or to drive the whole distance, one way.

Contract will say that she will be bred between the ages of 18 months and seven years old and that you must keep in contact with giving us regular updates on how she's doing and to let us know the first day she comes into season. Once the contract is up, we will have her spayed and sign ownership over to you.

We will care for her at no charge anytime you need us to. This helps her to stay connected with us and feel comfortable here so that when she comes back to be bred and have her litters, she will feel at home, not nervous and stressed.

You must be able to have her living as part of your family, not as an outdoor only dog. She must be loved and cared for as part of your family. She is to have yearly titer testing rather than annual or bi annual vaccinations and be seen by a holistic vet.

We will be able to provide, as well as require, references. You must be financially responsible and own your own home. We especially love homes with children as our dogs are bred to do especially well in homes with young children and thrive in their company! Children are not required however.

Below are the females that we have available for Guardian Homes. All are crate trained, happy and healthy girls. They all LOVE ball and the water and would simply adore a home where there would be a healthy dose of both in their lives on a regular basis!

Meet... Well, we don't actually have a name yet! We have a few in mind, one that we're leaning towards is Orsa which means Little She Bear, which we feel describes her well. "Orsa" is a wonderfully sweet, roly poly Golden Retriever female puppy. She was born July 15, 2014 and will be ready to leave us September 15. Call for more information.

Meet Gigi...
Gigi is a beautiful, loyal and loving eighteen month old Golden Retriever female. See pictures and a write up about her here. Call for more information.

Meet Daphne...
Daphne is a happy go lucky, outgoing, confident three year old Golden Retriever female. Daphne loves to make people smile. She's a quick learner and gets along well with all. Click here to see pictures and a write up about her.

Meet Ellie May...
Ellie May and Daphne are sisters, BB is their dad, listed on our Sire's page if you care to see him. Legacy is their mom who you can see on our Dams page. Ellie May is a lover, calm, sweet and a real cuddler. She is especially gentle with children or would be a good match for a senior, though really she could do well anywhere as she's very adaptable.


Guardian Homes Wanted for three of our two year old Golden Retriever girlsClick Here



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