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For God's Glory Farm Breeding Philosophy And Adoption Agreement
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We are a natural rearing, holistic breeder. Our philosophy is not a modern one, but rather an old fashioned model from grandmother's farm! Fresh air, fresh food and natural medicine for a happy, healthy dog that lives a long life.

As a responsible breeder, we want the best for every single one of our puppies. We want our dogs to be healthy, happy, and loved. A good breeder wants to know what kind of person you are, where you live, what kind of lifestyle you have, and what kind of match you would make with different puppies. Over the 17 years we've been breeding and the ten years of dog rescue we did before that, we have been able to see the results that come from dogs raised conventionally versus dogs raised holistically.

Conventionally raised dogs eat commercial pet food, have routine vaccinations, are given flea/tick and heart worm poisons and symptom-suppressing pharmaceuticals when health issues arise.

Holistically raised dogs are fed a biologically appropriate raw food diet, given only core vaccinations and only when a titer test shows they are necessary and their owners use safe alternatives to flea/tick and heartworm medications. Alternatives such as yearly heartworm testing, HWF by Amber Naturalz, and the natural repellent I will give you the recipe too.

We are seeing average lifespan of our dogs raised conventionally to be 12 years while average lifespan of our dogs raised holistically is 16 years. Not only that but dogs raised holistically are living better quality lives with good energy even into their senior years. With such evidence our consciences can no longer merely suggest that you give your dog a holistic lifestyle, but we must require it in order to adopt one of our pups. We pour hundreds upon hundreds of hours into each and every puppy we raise, loving, feeding, cleaning, socializing and training. Each puppy leaves with a piece of our hearts.

We offer a 10 year health guarantee against debilitating genetic conditions if you do the following for the lifetime of your dog...

Feeding a biologically appropriate raw food diet for the lifetime of your dog, proved by showing six months of current food receipts. While a raw food diet is by far the best for your dog, in some instances, you may prefer to feed a partially cooked diet. Know that it's imperative that you continue to feed 50-60% of your dog's diet in raw meaty bones, even if you're cooking the other portion. This will also be acceptable for qualifying for our health guarantee.

Using the alternatives I give (as outlined in the "preparing to bring your puppy home" email) for flea/tick/heartworm medications, proven by a reference to your vet to state that you have not used them.

Using core vaccines and only when necessary as shown by a titer test (the exception to this is the rabies which I realize is up to the laws in your area.) This must be proven by your vet showing your dog's vaccination records and titer tests showing they needed it.

It's strongly recommended you use a good holistic vet that will support you and your dog in this journey of excellent health. Using a conventional vet while following the above requirements, will be an uncomfortable situation at best. You'll always be at odds with your vet wanting to provide conventional care and feeding.

This puppy is guaranteed against life threatening or life altering congenital defects until its tenth birthday if you have followed the above stipulations. If a defect is found, the buyer must provide documentation from a licensed veterinarian at the time of the diagnosis. Breeder has the option of getting a second opinion to verify diagnosis, at our expense and from a vet of our choice. Should the veterinarian find this puppy to have a serious life threatening genetic disease that will not allow your dog to live a good quality of life, breeder will replace with a puppy of equal or lesser value, when available and you are ready.

First puppy need not be returned in order to receive another puppy. Should another puppy be given, breeder is not responsible for any travel expenses or expenses that have to do with travel such as health certificates, crate, delivery fees etc. All costs associated with travel are at the buyer’s expense.

We do not guarantee against intestinal or external parasites, ear infections, ear mites or other minor issues. We also do not guarantee against any cosmetic defects such as scar tissue left from a closed umbilical hernia undescended testicles, inverted vulva, small hernias that can be repaired when the puppy is neutered or spayed or left alone because they are only cosmetic and of no danger to the puppy.

We do not offer refunds of ANY kind. lf for any reason you decide that you don't want a puppy from the litter you're signed up for, you can always move back to the master list to wait for a future litter. There is no time limit to how long you can be on our master list. Please do not ask us to provide you with a refund, we state clearly here, that we do not offer them and it puts us in an awkward position for you to ask. We are a small breeder of exceptional quality dogs. Our family works VERY hard, many days around the clock, in order to provide you with a healthy dog that you can trust your children and other loved ones with. We count on your commitment when you agree to adopt a puppy from us, and plan our litters and lives accordingly.

A word about parasites. Puppies and parasites are extremely common together. We will not poison our puppies with deworming medications. Not only have we found these pharmaceuticals to sometimes be ineffective, but far worse, they have terrible side effects, not the least of them being that they cause a vicious cycle of your puppy having parasites! They wipe out your puppy's immune system and good gut bacteria therefore making them more prone to picking up parasites again.

For parasite control, we use traditional, common sense remedies such as keeping the puppies, their food dishes, exercise areas and our home clean! We use immune building and parasite removing herbs and feed a biologically appropriate diet so that the puppies are less hospitable hosts. It's not uncommon for a puppy to have a negative stool sample before leaving here, only a week later to have a positive one when transitioning to their new home. This is due to their lowered immune system due to the stress of the transition. I have many ways to help with this situation which are outlined in the going home information. It's extremely important to follow the instruction I'll give you and ask as many questions as you need to. We've been raising dogs for a very long time and have never had the natural remedies not work. They do take longer and more effort than the pharmaceuticals, but the payoff in your dog's health is huge.

Your puppy is being sold as a companion animal only and is never to be bred. Your puppy must be spayed/neutered no later than their second birthday and proof must be sent to me proving you've had this done. If you are someone that opts to wait until your puppy is over 8 months old to spay/neuter, you need to know that your female may never be taken out in public areas off leash when in heat, (it's recommended you don't take her out even on leash as you're likely to get a lot of unwanted attention from other dogs!) Your unneutered and sexually mature, (could happen as young as 9 months old,) male may not be taken off leash in public places where there is any risk that there could be a female in heat.

Puppies are not sold on a trial basis. Please be committed for the life of this dog. If a situation arises in which you cannot keep your dog you MUST contact me and make arrangements to bring the dog back so we can make sure it is safe and well cared for until we can find it a good home. The only exception to the dog coming back to us, is if you have a friend or family member who wants to adopt your dog, in that case they must call me for an interview so I can make sure we feel it's a good match. If we feel it's a good fit, they must then sign this agreement and mail it to me before the puppy can be transferred to them. It is EXTREMELY important to us that each and every dog of ours is always in a good, loving home, always accounted for and NEVER left to fend for itself on the streets or sent to an animal shelter or rescue. We are responsible for making sure every dog that comes from us is always well cared for, no matter how old they are.

Should you not be able to keep your dog, no refunds or exchanges will be given whether you've had your puppy 24 hours or 12 years. Breeder assumes no responsibility for your puppy's medical expenses. We do not pay veterinarian bills or transportation costs under any circumstances. Please consider all the pros and cons of adding a puppy to your life before you.

I am a great resource to help you decide if one of our puppies would be a good fit for your household. We currently have a combined 27 plus years between dog rescue and breeding. That's a lot of experience and with it I've learned a thing or two!!!

I will not sell a puppy just because someone has the money to buy it. That truly is not meant to sound unkind or rude. These are little lives, a serious responsibility. So much more needs to go into the thought and planning other than the initial cost of the puppy. For every one puppy adopted out, I talk to an average of twenty people that don't have an ideal set up for success for owning a dog.

Some things to ask yourself (and that I will be asking,) before you make a commitment to adopting a furry family member...

Do you work all day? If you do, are you committed to having a dog walker, dog sitter/friend/neighbor/family member, or doggie daycare come in every day that you are at work, for the lifetime of your dog, not just the first few months?

Are you willing to invest the time and effort into training and socializing your puppy/dog? Not just with videos at home, but in group classes?

Will this dog live in your home and be a member of the family, or are you looking for an outdoor dog house dog?

If you read over this agreement and get excited and refreshed by what you have read, one of our dogs may be a good fit for you. Please feel free to call anytime, I'd be happy to get to know you and learn about your day to day.

A word for those unaccustomed with holistic/traditional dog care. Please don't be concerned, you don't need to know anything about this type of caring for your dog, you only have to be willing to learn, ask questions and follow the advise I give. I have a huge email compilation I will send you called "preparing to bring your puppy home." If you were to print it out, I think it's somewhere around 12 pages long! It has advise on everything from potty training to what size crate to buy, to information about raw feeding. Life is a journey, we didn't arrive here in one day either!

Our dogs mean the world to us. We take the responsibility of raising these little lives extremely seriously. We pour all our love into these precious beings so that they can then in return, pour that love into the people they will come in contact with over their lifetime. The love, healing and smiles they bring into the homes of their people are what fuel us. Our commitment doesn't stop when you bring your puppy home, part of that commitment is being there for you, for the life of your dog, to walk with you along the way. I love it when people keep in touch, call or write with questions and send pictures! It really makes my day!

I agree to the above adoption agreement in order to adopt a puppy from Daniel and Carina Guillory of For God's Glory Farm

New Owner

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