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Adoption Agreement
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For God's Glory Standard Poodles & Goldendoodles
Daniel and Carina Guillory

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 A deposit is due within 48 hours of agreeing with me that you would like to be on the waiting list to adopt one of our puppies. The remaining money plus any shipping needed is due by the time the puppies are 5 weeks old. Your place will be held on the list for 48 hours, if the deposit is not received within this time you'll be removed from the list. 

We do not offer refunds, with the exception that we're unable to provide a healthy puppy for you within 18 months of the original, estimated puppy release date.  If for some reason we're not able to provide you with a puppy at the time planned, we have 18 months from the original time you were supposed to be getting your puppy, to provide you with another pup. If after the 18 months we still do not have a puppy for you, we will return your money in full.  lf for any reason you decide that you don't want a puppy from the litter you're on the waiting list for, you can always roll your payment over to another litter, but please do not ask us to provide you with a refund, we state clearly here that we do not offer them and it puts us in an awkward position for you to ask.  We are a small breeder of exceptional quality dogs.  Both my husband and I work very hard, many days around the clock, to raise the best puppies possible in order to provide you with a healthy dog that you can trust your children and other loved ones with.  We count on your commitment when you agree to adopt a puppy from us, and plan our litters and lives accordingly.   

Puppy must be taken to your local vet within three days of receiving him, you should take along a stool sample with you. Your puppy is guaranteed to be free from any congenital defect until his fifth birthday.   In order for the health guarantee to be valid, you MUST be able to prove that in the last three months, you have fed your dog EITHER a nutritionally complete raw food diet ( a frozen packaged one such as Primal or one you made yourself) OR, a high quality kibble, where the first three ingredients are meat, and/or, a high quality grain (NOT CORN,) or a vegetable, (NOT CORN.) The kibble must NOT have ANY corn, wheat or soy (common allergens and unhealthy fillers) or any of their bi products in it.  You must also follow our instructions to not take your dog running with you or train him in any activity where he will be jumping before he is TWO YEARS of AGE.  Once your dog is two years old, these activities are safe, but before two, they are not.  At two years old your dog is fully grown and activities like accompanying you on a run or  training to jump for fun or competition will not harm his growth plates or cause hip and joint damage.   If the puppy does come up with a congenital defect before his fifth birthday, we will replace the dog with one of equivalent quality, determined by us, within 18 months of when you are ready IF:

a. The genetic condition is sufficiently serious in the opinion of two qualified veterinarians, one of whom is to be selected by the Breeder, to warrant the dog seriously debilitated for life.

 Shipping the new puppy out and any other expenses related to shipping your new puppy must be paid for by the buyer.
If problems occur that are guaranteed against above and our requirements are met so that the guarantee is valid, instead of a new puppy you may choose to have UP TO half of the original cost of your dog, in reimbursement towards treatment to improve and extend the quality of your dogs life. TREATMENT MUST BE RECEIVED and a letter from your vet stating what treatments are received and the cost of them must be supplied to us.  Half the original cost of your puppy is the MAXIMUM total that can be reimbursed.  This can be given INSTEAD OF a new puppy IF that is what you choose. We have 18 months to reimburse you the money.  Please note that your vet bills will not be paid for by us, but we will reimburse you (if that is what you choose) within 18 months of being notified of the problem and receiving documentation from your vet of the treatment received. 

Breeder is in no way responsible for any medical or veterinary expenses incurred by the new owner of this puppy/dog following its transfer.

Parvo has a 12 day incubation period, for this reason if your puppy comes down with Parvo within 12 days of being in your home we will take the puppy back and have a new puppy available for you within 18 months.

The New owner agrees to have puppy spayed/neutered by six months of age, and to send us a copy of the spay/neuter contract by seven months of age. This puppy is being sold as a family companion and will not be used for breeding. It is being sold to be a part of the family and should be well cared for with proper vet care, healthy food, clean water, appropriate training and loving care.  For the best and longest health of your dog, we highly recommend using a vet that practices Holistic Veterinary Care and follows a revised vaccine schedule as outlined by DMV Jean Dodds and includes using annual titer testing rather than routine vaccinating.  You can find valuable, thought provoking information regarding making informed decisions about vaccinating your beloved animal companion at http://www.itsfortheanimals.com/DODDS-CHG-VACC-PROTOCOLS.HTM or http://www.doglogic.com/vaccination.htm   Please take the time to do your own research on this important subject.  It could mean the difference between a long healthy life for your precious doggie friend or one cut devastatingly short because of an immune system disorder that could have been prevented. 

We would love it if you would stay in contact with us and send us pictures! I will post them on the web site which is fun for both me and you!

Remember, until your pup has had all shots, normally 4 months, do not expose your dog to other dogs or take him places like dog parks, pet stores etc.

This contract is nontransferable.

 If, during the lifetime of your dog, you decide for any reason not to keep the dog, you MUST contact us immediatly.  If you are local you MUST bring the dog back to our home. Local being within California.  If you live out of state, we will help you find a new, suitable home for your dog by listing them on our web site, sending out an email to existing clients and interviewing prospective new homes along with you, in order to find the best placement for your dog and for the smoothest transition (straight from your home to the new home.) 

If you have an emergency situation where you need to have your dog placed right away and you live out of state, you must pay to have your dog sent back to us so we have the time that it takes to find a good home for your dog.  At NO TIME can any dog that comes from us ever be placed in a shelter, rescue or left to fend for itself.  There will never be a reason for this to happen because we will always take them back into our care. 

If a dog is brought back to us, we will subtract $15 a day for boarding, plus any vet and training expenses that may be needed, out of the adoption fee we receive when re homing the dog, the rest of the money if any will be sent back to you.  If the fees for us to re home your dog are higher than the price we receive, you will not owe us any money, nor will you receive any. 

We the undersigned have read, understand, and agree with the terms of this contract.

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