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I am offering $50 per 6-8 week course of GROUP obedience training that's taken in the first two years of your puppies life. I will reimburse you for up to three classes for a total of $150. You may take any of these classes to count towards the three, Puppy Socialization Class, Obedience 1, and Obedience 2. Agility Class, Fly Ball Class, Jumping Class and Ralley also count for the reembursment. If there's another class you'd like to take that's not listed here please contact me with a description of the class to see if it counts.

You must miss no more than one day per course and I have to have a signed letter from your instructor saying that your dog has learned the basics taught in the course. It must be on letterhead paper with the name address and phone number of the place you're taking the course. Please don't forget to have the instructor state that you've missed no more than one day of class.

I'm a firm believer in group obedience training for your puppy. If you adopt a puppy from me, you can be sure that your puppy is getting the best foundation possible. Now it's up to you to take that and continue with it. The best way to do this is to enroll in a group obedience class as soon as your puppy has all it's shots, about four months of age.

Most places have a puppy socialization class where they further set a foundation for basic obedience and house manners. After this class comes an obedience 1 course, then obedience 2. After this you can begin to do fun things like agility, rally or fly ball. Your dog will love the one on one attention it gets, plus all the mental and physical exercise these classes will give him. Not only that but he will be very well mannered, everyone loves a well mannered dog, he will be happy because he'll understand what you want and have the training to do it.

I hope this will be an added incentive to invest time into your dog, you'll never be sorry, I'd even venture to say that the results you'll get will far exceed your expectations.

Classes must be submitted to me no more than 2 weeks after you've completed the course or offer doesn't stand. I will reimburse you as quickly as possible, but have the option of taking up to 30 days. This offer applies to any puppies adopted in 2006 and beyond, but offer does not count for classes already completed. So if you've already completed your obedience 1, take another course, maybe a fun one, who knows, you may find that not only does your dog enjoy it, but so do you!

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