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Pictures From Doodles One Year Birthday Party at Dominican Collage! The group meets every Sunday at Dominican Collage at the grass field when entering Angelico Hall at 2:00. Stop by sometime and let your Doodle play with his/her siblings! You can contact lilyshin@comcast.net if you'd like more information.


Charolette at 9 months old.

Crosby Chilling

Naughty Crosby

Charolette relaxing

Crosby posing for a picture

Crosby and his buddies


Crosby is from Gracie and Jacques litter
at 10 months old

It's a Snow Doodle

Maia and her baby sister

Jasper, 9 month old Goldendoodle

Gracie at her new home

Emmy, 12 week old Goldendoodle from Lilly and Jacques litter

Crosby and he's a Goldendoodle 9 weeks old

Emmy all grown up.  She loves to go kayaking with her mommy Sarah in Colorado. 

Emmy all dried off, enjoying a well deserved rest after her long day!   

Lucy, a Jenna and Jacques breeding

Duffy 5 month old Goldendoodle from Gracie and Jacques litter

Lucy, a Jenna and Jacques breeding, happy with his mommy.


Son of Jacques and Jenna
at 4 months old

Jenna and Jacgues handsom son at 6 months old
looks very much at home.


Jessie, a Small Standard bred from Ivan and Gwen

Goldendoodle, 8 months old, daughter of Jacques and Gracie. Maggie is happy with her new family and loves her new companion!

Dandy, 3 and a half month old Goldendoodle from
Jacques and Gracies

Contact Carina (209) 786-1861 Located near Sacramento California HosanaGTGWSU@aol.com 

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