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Meet Aslan

Aslan is a gorgeous red Moyan Poodle from European lines. Moyans from European lines are known for their hardy constitution and sturdy/solid body type, they are also known to have a longer life span than other Poodles

Aslan is OFA Prelim Hips No sign of abnormalities , Heart Normal, CERF Normal, Addison's Normal, Von Willibrants Normal, Thyroid Normal, Patellas Normal, PRA Normal. He's a stunningly handsome dog with a winsome disposition to match.

Aslan is a sweet and gentle boy that LOVES to cuddle, so much so, that he even enjoys being carried, just so he can be close to you! Don't get me wrong, he's a great farm dog, child's dog, gets along great with other animals, he's not wimpy at all, but just sweet and loveable! While he does love to be by your side (or in your lap!) he's not needy in the least bit, he loves to play with the other dogs outside and romp around with the children.

Aslan, true to his Poodle genes, is extremely intelligent and a fast learner. When he looks at you with his deep chocolate brown eyes, you just know he understands what you're trying to communicate to him. He weighs about 28 pounds (remember, these guys are known for their sturdy/solid bodies, different from the willowy west coast Poodles,) and stands about 18 inches at the shoulder. We are so excited to meet his first litter which is planned for Summer of 2015. We expect deep ruby reds among other lighter, golden, apricot and creme hues in his litters, with puppies ranging in size from 35-60 pounds at maturity.



Meet Duke...

Duke is a strikingly handsome silver parti Poodle, (silvers start out black and get their full silver color by about two years old.) He's not just all looks though, Duke is a gentle and sweet boy that gets along well with even the tiniest humans and farm animals alike! After noticing Duke's striking color and large stature, it's his beautiful deep eyes that draw you in. He says a lot through those eyes. Duke isn't to dignified for playtime with the other dogs and children, nor is he to wild to just sit quietly by your side while you read a book. He's an easy going guy that's good with whatever the day holds. He is happy to entertain himself if you're busy bustling around the kitchen preparing dinner but he also loves to be in relationship and spending time with his loved ones. Duke is a perfect, easy to get along with boy and we are so blessed to have him as part of our family and breeding program. Duke is AKC Registered, OFA Excellent/Elbows Normal, OFA Heart Normal. Duke's puppies will range in color from whites, creams and various shades golden. While we won't get true parti colored puppies from Duke, (parti means 50% white and 50% color,) his puppies will sometimes have a white paw or a white patch on the chest or a white star or blaze on the head while the rest will be solid colors.

Meet Manna

Manna is an AKC Registered white Standard Poodle. We just couldn't choose! Manna and his brother Noble were our pick of litter boys from Jacques/Gwens litter. Manna is a loves everyone kind of guy. Everyone he meets is his immediate best friend and he shows it by flashing you a big doggie grin and sticking close to your side both of which traits he got from his dad Jacques. While Manna loves everyone, he has an especially sweet connection with children, even ones that tend to be timid with dogs. He's highly intelligent and intuitive and seems to know who is up for playing ball and who wants him to sit by their side quietly. Manna was born and raised with us. His puppies make excellent therapy and service dog prospects. Manna is OFA Good, CERF Normal, OFA Heart Normal, S.A. Normal and Thyroid Normal. Both is mom and dad are tested as well. Manna's puppies range in size from 50-85 plus pounds.
Our Retired Boys

Meet Noble

Noble is an AKC Registered cream colored Standard Poodle. Noble lives here with us. He reminds me very much of his daddy Jacques. Noble was born and raised with us. We kept him and his brother Manna back as pick of litter to continue the wonderful legacy that Jacques started in our breeding program. Gwen is his mom, you can see pictures of her on the Dams page.

Noble is 60 pounds and about 24 inches at the shoulder. He give us beautiful, large boned teddy bear type puppies in a variety of colors. Noble is beautifully built, stocky and muscular like his dad Jacques, men comment that he's a manly looking Poodle! Noble is an extremely loyal dog, he absolutely adores my husband and our family. He's a little more playful than his dad Jacques, perhaps a bit less dignified, but still well behaved! Noble has been a wonderful addition to our home and breeding program.

Meet BB

BB is an AKC Registered English Golden Retriever. We really like to know our lines and I feel that a very good way to do this is to have multiple generations, which is why we keep a Golden Retriever stud dog rather than just buying new puppies when our older ones get ready to retire. We choose our favorite females and breed them to our wonderful BB before they retire and keep back the pick of litter females to continue in our breeding program. It's so neat to see the generational traits in their offspring throughout the years. BB stands for Big Boy, and that he is! He's a gentle giant. He is square and heavy boned with beautiful conformation. His head is HUGE and he gives us gorgeous Golden Retriever puppies with big beautiful faces and deep intelligent eyes. BB is an absolute sweetheart. You'd be hard pressed to find a dog with a nicer disposition. The youngest of our children can hang on him, stick their fingers in his mouth, even accidentally grab a handful of his beautiful mane for balance as they stumble, he loves it all and always keeps a big grin on his face. We love this dog. BB is OFA Good/Elbows Normal, OFA Heart Normal and CERF Normal. Both BB's parents were tested as well.
Available for adoption, $1,200 includes neuter,
born 1-21-08

Meet Nicholas

Nicholas is an AKC Registered white Standard Poodle. Most people that see him think he's a mini. Nicholas was born and raised here with us. We bred Gwen, our very small standard Poodle with Ivan, our mini Poodle in hopes of keeping back a pick of litter male that would be larger than a mini but smaller than a normal standard, and that's what we got with Nicholas! We use him for the smallest of the teddy bear Goldendoodles that we breed. His puppies generally range in size from 30-55 pounds. Nicholas is a friendly, sweet boy that loves attention. He stands 15 inches at the shoulder (the cut off for a miniature is 14 inches) and weighs about 30 pounds. He's wonderful with everyone from the youngest children to elderly. He's also good with all other animals. He's an all around good boy, easy going, happy disposition. What a great addition he's been to our breeding program and family.

Meet Jacques

Jacques is an AKC Registered white Standard Poodle. He weighs about 65 pounds and is 27 inches at the shoulder. Jacques is an extremely handsome, well put together boy, his dad is the 1999 World Champion. He's also extremely intelligent, one of the smartest dogs I've ever met. While he's a dignified old man, he loves to clown around and is always making me laugh. He will do anything to get you to smile. Jacques is a mellow and sweet boy, he's been a well behaved gentleman since he was a puppy! He's a cuddler, as big as he is, he will try to curl up in your lap for a good snuggle! Jacques is OFA Good, OFA Heart Normal, CERF Normal and VonWillibrants Normal.

Jacques has been our foundation stud dog and we've had nothing but amazing puppies from him. We are very excited to now have two of his sons to carry on his legacy in our breeding program. Below you can see Noble and Manna, two pick of litter sons that we kept back. Both are wonderful dogs.

Jacques visits day care and plays
dress up with Rebecca

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