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Contact Carina (209) 786-1861 Located near Sacramento California HosanaGTGWSU@aol.com



Hope all is well with you and your family. We are all well. I check your site from time to time and thought you might be interested in seeing a fun picture of Kiki (Keto). We took this one of her the other morning laying on the bottom step of our bath tub. She always finds some unique places to relax!

I want you to know, Kiki is a very special part of our life - she comes to work with me everyday and sleeps under my desk. Everyone in our office building knows and loves her. We take a mile walk every morning around 11 AM and her fan club consists of the UPS Man, our Mail woman, the tellers at our bank and all the strangers we encounter. Everyone wants to know what she is!

She is wonderful with my 2 year old granddaughter and my 85 year old mother. She is more than I expected in a companion. Your breeding is exceptional.

Hi Carina,
Hope you and your family are doing well. Kiki made her modeling debut last week for a Malibu publication. She did really well and followed direction perfectly. I am attaching a picture for you to add to your website, but more importantly, for you to see what a beautiful adult dog she has become. She is also the perfect companion. She will enter "therapy dog" training soon and has proven to have the temperament and patience that is necessary for this endeavor.
Thank you again for the pure joy your breeding has brought our family! I will also attach a picture of Kiki with our 3 year old Granddaughter Madison.
Gail Coleman

Kiki (Keto)


I just wanted to thank you for blessing us with such a wonderful puppy. Tripper has been a really good and sweet dog. He is getting so big and so fast! He loves to play outside in the grass and especially loves laying on the Ivy plants. He gets excited when we play frisby and loves to have his belly rubbed and kisses in the face.

Anyway, hope all is well with you...attached are some pictures of him. He is so cute, like a little teddy bear =)
Tripper is loved by the Smith family in San Jose California, he is an Allie/Jacques boy.
New Pictures and Update of Tripper


I just wanted to tell you how thankful I am to have Tripper.  We were at a birthday party yesturday and brought him along because there were going to be a lot of people and children there and I thought it would be a good opportunity to socialize him.  Everybody loves Tripper!  He was showered with lots of compliments.  They say he is a beautiful dog, he has such a good temperament, he is so mellow and smart, he is great with the kids and now everybody wants a "Tripper" =).  My father inlaw's friends son, I think is getting a goldendoodle from you in your upcoming liter.  I dont remember his name.  But anyway I am going to continue to spread the word and give recommendations that your goldendoodles are the best of the best!  and Tripper is proof. 

Tripper is now 5 months and weighs about 50 lbs.  He looks forward to his walks in the morning and evening and cant wait for his daily brushing at night with mommy.  We love him very much and cant imagine life with out him. He is such a love bug too=).  He is also 100% house broken, and is starting to use his doggie door.  His favorite game is hide the toy or bone and he will find it. 



Hilde wanted to show off how big she's gotten. We can hardly believe she's
nearly 8 months old! She's been such a joy, and seems to have adjusted
well to our work schedules. Yesterday we took her to cut down her
first Christmas tree. She had a blast searching for sticks to carry


Hilde is nearly 8 months old.



We just graduated from Level II, Companion 2 class. Tucker did great. He was the youngest in this, his second class. We continued learning with the same trainer as our puppy class. Tucker did so well in Puppy Kindergarten that I was eager to continue with his success. He's such a great dog. People can't believe he's just 7 months old. The comments also include how adorable and soft he is. He's definitely our pride and joy.

At 7 months, he weighs about 50 lbs. He is just perfect! He makes friends (people & animal) everywhere he goes and makes us proud everytime!

Tucker is 12 weeks old in this picture, he's a Gracie/Jacques Goldendoodle who is loved by Theresa and Adonna in San Jose.


Here are a couple of pics of Lola. She has lost two teeth since she's been here. We are 100% in love with her.

Lola is loved by the Stearns family in Los Vegas Nevada

Lola was at the vet the other day for her last bordatella vaccination
and she weighed in at 36 pounds! She is growing fast and she's doing
wonderfully at puppy classes. She loves people and other dogs!!! you
did a fabulous job with her as a pup - she has absolutely no fears!!

Lola 6 months old. Jacques & Gracie puppy.
My canine "daughter" bring me lots of joy and I'm
happy to be her mom! Thanks for your part in that!!
Jessie a Small Standard from Ivan and Gwen is loved
by the Nirschl family in San Jose.

Buddy is doing great. He is now 6 months old and we can't be happier with him. He is very intelligent with an excellent temperament. It's so easy to train him. He always wants to please me and tries to do everything right. He constantly looks back to check on me when we go out for a walk; doesn't tug on the leash anymore; he learned to walk close by me within two weeks of teaching him the 'Heal" command. He stays right by side all the time; we do everything together and go everywhere together - sleeps with me, watches TV with me, even goes to work with me. I have semi-dog friendly work environment (only Buddy is allowed to come into my office and be walked by several co-workers throughout the day) and he loves it. He is so cute. Everywhere we go, people stop us to ask what kind of dog he is and praise him for his good looks

Buddy 6 months old, Male Goldendoodle Legacy/Jacques Breeding.
Is loved by Lily Shin & Family in California

Asbury is doing awesome. He had his neutering surgery yesterday and recovered immediately. He's 76lbs already! Can you believe it? He's lean, tall and full of energy. He loves to run and run and run and run. And when he's done running, he will run some more!

But he does have quiet time at home. He will sit in our laps and watch TV with us. Or chew a bone. Or to get us to play, he will take something that we want (or if he's playing with other dogs - which he does so well! - he'll take something that they would want) and will tease us with it by bringing it over to us and pulling it away just as we go to take it. And then he will keep doing it until we get off the couch and chase him. If it's a sock or something he knows he shouldn't have, he gives it up to us, but quickly finds another toy to use to play with us.

He is the most popular dog in the neighborhood, the most popular dog at the dog park, the most popular dog at Peet's Coffee where we go on weekends..

We just LOVE him

Asbury 6 month old Goldendoodle, Legacy/Jacques breeding.
Is loved by Susan Walsh & Family in Fremont California.

She weights about 22 pounds. She is the sweetest dog ever and we just love her!! So does everyone else who meets here!!

This girl is a Mini Goldendoodle bred by Lynn Fleck my friend and breeding partner, she's loved by the Snodgrass family and lives in Mercer Island, Washington.


We have one of your first mini's and we love her! Her name is Mia and she is a joy. She has a great temperment, loves kids, and is very gentle. She is best friends with our daughter, Claire, and our two kitties.
Mia is one of Lynns Miniture Goldendoodles, she's loved by the Chastain Family, especially Claire! She lives in Concord Ca.

Hey. It’s Crosby’s mama……I am sure my mom told you that Crosby has been living with me for quite some time now. And I am happy to announce, that I am keeping him for good….:) Crosby and I are actually taking a trip down to Atlanta tomorrow to visit my parents. He loves road trips and is very good in the car. Hope all is well with you and your family. I am so glad we found you and were able to be blessed with Crosby; he is the most amazing dog in the world.


I hope this note finds you well.  My name is Rick Canny. I purchased a pup from you 4 years ago.  I think today (give or take a day) would actually BE Curly's birthday!!!!  I wanted to share a couple pics with you to see the loving, beautiful animal that has blessed my life and the life of those around me.  You probably wouldn't remember, but I flew up to Oakland Airport around November 23, 2004 and picked him up from you.  You actually came to the airport and met me there and I brought him home to Southern California .  He's the sweetest creature.
Thank you for this precious gift

These two are loved by the Moore family in San Anselmo Ca. They are small Standard Poodles from a  Gwen/Ivan breeding.

This is Blue a Legacy/Jacques boy loved by the
Martin family in Southern California


 I attached some pictures of him for you. I've had so many people ask me where I got him, even our vet asked for your info. I've seen other Goldendoodles around but he has the best personality and he's absolutely the cutest dog around!

By the way, he is still the best dog in the world. EVERYONE loves him.
When I walk him on the beach I have to wear my headphones so I don't
get stopped every two seconds. It's like living with a celebrity. He's
so sweet and tolerant of the kids. He's just been perfect! I love him. 
Thank you!

Peggy Martin

Dear Carina,

Hi! First of all Carina, I want to thankGod for gifting you with this Profession! I want you to know how this "job" of yours blesses us all keeps us connected in happiness . Caleb's litter turns two today!
In His Love,

This is Caleb at our local Sonoma County Fair Dock Diving Event.  He's sired by our boy Jacques and raised by our friend and fellow doodle breeder Lynn Fleck. 


This is Parker at six months - a beautiful, healthy, friendly and happy

We are elated with the whole process.

Parker survived Hurricane Ike with flying colors, helping bark at
passers by when we were in the dark. She is excellent at heal, sit,
down, drop, stay and SLOWLY learning come.  She is so darned smart it is
amazing and is the star of doggie camp and Steve's work.  Thank you
again for this gift.


This is Parker, an Allie/Jacques girl loved by Tom and Steve in Texas.


I hope you are well and all is good with your family.

Parker turned three this week. She is in great health and is the joy of our lives. I cannot express how much we love her and how much she enhances our lives. She is perfectly trained, walks without a leash, stops and sits at each corner, loves all things (except squirrels) and brings smiles to everyone that sees her.

Thank you for Parker Carina and God bless you and your family.


We love our boy! Carina and her family gave us a very healthy happy Goldendoodle. Gus is an Allie/Jacques boy. Gus is loved by his family in SpreckelsCa.



I just wanted to send you some photos of Josie. I just cannot get enough of her, she is just the smartest dog I have ever had. I cannot express how happy she has made me AND my other doggie.
An Allie/Jacques girl at seven months old loved by Tate in Colorado

Hi Carina,

I just wanted to let you know how great Josie is doing and how wonderful I think you are as a breeder. I look at your website at least once every month and LOVE all the photos of all the dogs that you have placed into now such happy homes. Josie turned 3 last week so I put a couple of photos from the birthday celebration. I cannot thank you enough for bringing her into my life! I am so blessed to have her and she makes me laugh every single day! What a love!!!

Thanks and take care,
Tate Foster



Hi Carina-
So happy for you all!
Attached a few photos of Yankee, he would LOVE to come visit your wonderful corner of the world...

We are thankful for him everyday-
Jenny, Mike, Sam and Max



Stormy is doing great, by the way. Everyday people drive by our house very slowly just staring at her as she just sits in our front yard and poses. People will often stop and ask what kind of dog she is and then tell me how beautiful she is. I have given out your name many times, I have often wondered if anyone has ever contacted you about getting a dog.

Funny story: Our neighbors right next to us have a huge Great Dane named Brody. He is a sweet heart too. One morning Stormy got out of the yard and went over to the neighbor’s house, and I could hear her barking. I finally went outside to see what the commotion was all about. My neighbor came out of the house about the same time, too. She told me Stormy was just barking toward her front door, and Brody was inside barking to come out. We laughed because we know she was barking for Brody to “come out and play”. It was so cute, we both got a good laugh. She is so smart, and just like one of our kids!

I have attached some recent photos. Enjoy this beautiful day, and your new home!

Holli Starr


Hi Carina -

ipo ( blue-green, b. 2/15/09) is doing very well. Healthy, happy, spunky, loving and all those things you'd expect from a Goodle. 80 pounds. Here's a card I put together right after his second birthday (Feb. 15)

My wife wouldn't let any of our previous dogs in our bedroom any time because she is a bit allergic. As you can see, ipo ('Sweetheart" in Hawaiian) sleeps with us now!

We will definitely be at the Doodle Romp on 5/29. We'll have at least one grandson in tow, and possibly more of the family. Lily's photos and video from the last one were great. Jaque or Angel going to be there? Do you have a giant chart to see who is whose brother/sister/cousin etc?!

Thanks again for a wonderful puppy and for the email. See you soon. Hi to Daniel -

Bob Bellus & ipo

P.S. ipo just passed his AKC CGC certification. #1 in his class. We're moving to AAA (Animal Assisted Activities) training through the Delta Foundation, and eventually hope to be a certified team for AACR (Animal Assisted Crisis Response). He is SO smart and trainable, and loves to learn (Thanks, Jacque) and has such a wonderful temperament - he makes everyone smile (Thanks, Angel).


Carina!! Congratulations on all the excitement! I am SO happy you emailed to let me know about the move. I will definitely send you an email the next time I'm headed to Tahoe and see if little Wendy can say hello. She is such a good girl. I've attached our Christmas photo to this email so you can see what an adorable little lady she has become!

I give people your name (and website) all the time. Everyone wants to know where they can get a little girl like Wendy. My boyfriend's mom asked me about you just this weekend--your ears must have been ringing!

Best wishes to you and your family and all the little doggies.

Thank you so much for the update,




Some how Chloe passed her evaluation today and was officially added to the Therapy Dog program at ARF. Although she was noted as still having to work on her "exuberance", everyone fell in love with her. We are very excited to begin our work making people happy!

Hope all is well with all of you,





We are so appreciative for Pebbles. He's a real sweetheart, and become a vital part of our family. Everyone he meets comments on his gentle disposition. My son is still feeding and walking him every day, and loves having his "brother" Pebs. Jesse, Cabo, Pebbles and I can be found most weekends hiking on Mt. Tam or at the beach - Cabo and Pebbles have become the best of friends.

Good luck with your move - and thanks so much for bringing Pebbles into our lives.

All the best,
Andrew =






Hi Carina,

Greetings from Cabo on his third birthday. We celebrated with an early morning outing to one of his favorite places - Stinson Beach. Hard to believe he is already three. He is such a good boy and has given us some much happiness. Hope all is well with you and your family.



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