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Our Family, Human & Canine!

Look at how you've grown!  You're such a wonderful
brother and son.  Summer of 12

Danielle with Lynns Standard Goldendoodle Puppy from Lily/Jacques Fall of 06 litter. I'll let you in on a little secret! OK, so all these cute pictures you see, let me tell you that for every good picture we have to take about 20 others where the only part of the puppy you see might be a nose, or you might even get a shot of the ground if the puppy was moving faster than the camera! My sweet Danielle though is a natural with the dogs. Her patience and calmness is truly amazing. A litter of 12 puppies can be very boisterous, especially at playtime, when we are trying to take the pictures! Danielle will hold the wiggliest of puppies, often times getting licked, or chewed on with needle sharp teething baby teeth, but she still remains patient and calm as I shoot the camera picture after picture till we get a good one. Thank you Danielle for all your hard work, you are a wonderful little girl and a great puppy socializer!

Rebekah taking a nap on Legacy, January 23d of
07 in front of our still up Christmas Tree!

Gracie the Lap Dog!

My little brother 14 months old (yes I did say brother!) Joshua, born 2 days after my son Isaiah! Thanksgiving Day 07

My other little brother Ben 3 years old, boy can that boy smile! Thanksgiving Day 07

Rebekah and Hannah Grace where she likes it best, bundled up in someone's arms! October 08


Daddy and Isaiah male bonding over wood chopping! "Be careful, he has the saw!" Mommy yells from the window right after she clicks the camera! March 07

Danielle 8 years old and Isaiah 18 months old, horsing around! The boy loves his sisters. Rebekah in the background, once again... reading! March 0

Rebekah happy as a clam doing what she loves best and sitting next to who she loves, her Grandpa Coletti. Thanksgiving Day 07

Daddy and Hannah Grace at five weeks old. What a wonderful husband I have. Truly I am a blessed woman. 4-08

Daddy and Isaiah who's annoyed to have to stop
and take a picture rather than go on the rides!


Isaiah 15 months, all wrapped up in his new
coat and hat, holding his favorite "toy!" December 07

Some things never change!   

Danielle getting a kiss of gratitude from Jacques
after his morning walk.

Hannah Grace posing in her new hat knitted
for her by her Auntie Denise.

Mommy, our precious midwife and friend Lenny Sue and Hannah Grace. This day was such a blessing, Lenny Sue who's from Tahoe was able to make it to Hannah Graces dedication at our church in Santa Rosa. 5-08

Rebekah and Danielle looking at the tigers in Marine World. November 08

Rebekah and Danielle Winter 2011



Mommy, Daddy and newest addition Hannah Grace, at Marine World
in November of 08. Hannah Grace was born 3-3-08 and is
eight months old in this picture.

Hannah Grace 2012

A more sophisticated and grown up Rebekah!  Fall 2011


Rebekah and Mommy playing around at Marine World in front of the tiger exhibit. November 08


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