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Featured In The Marin Journal


We were so tickled when one of the first families to adopt a Goldendoodle from us called and asked if she could give our number to a journalist friend that wanted to interview us for an article on Goldendoodles for the Marin Journal.  Mandy had seen some of our Goldendoodles out on the town in Marin and had a good friend that owned one as well.  She called me and we talked "doodles."  I told her about the group in Marin called the Marin Doodle Society started by two of our clients, Lily Shin and Helen Duan.  It started as a little group of just two or three that met once a week at Dominican Collage so that the doodle siblings/cousins could play while their owners chatted and had fun watching the dogs.  Even a small group of look alike doodles attracted a lot of attention.  Soon others were wanting to join.  The group outgrew the Dominican area and moved to a beautiful spot in Tiburon for awhile, but that location while beautiful wasn't ideal as it had no fencing and the dogs would run in and out of the water.  Not every owner appreciated having to take home a soggie doggie!  It seemed that the group was going to fade away as there was not a location, but emails came in to Lily and Helen asking to start the group up again.  There was an email sent out asking for ideas of where to hold the play dates and the Marin Humane Society's Doggie Park was chosen as the spot.  There are monthly gatherings held on the last Sunday of each month, April through October for 2011 from 1-3:00.  There is a fee to come as the space is held for this group and had to be reserved and paid for.  If you would like more info about how to sign up please either email me or Lily at lilyshin@comcast.net 

Ok, I regressed a little!  Back to the story!  Mandy was so excited that there was an actual group where she and her photographer could come, talk to the owners and see the dogs live and in action, hence the article was born...

Marin Journal Article

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