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Our Family works together to raise the highest quality F1 Standard and Medium sized Teddy Bear type Goldendoodles. We have been doing dog rescue and breeding Goldendoodles since 1997. We are a natural rearing breeder that cares passionately about the health and quality of life of our puppies.

You can read more about what it means to be a natural rearing, holistic breeder here, https://nrbreedersassociation.org/why-look-for-a-nr-puppy/
/> Our family currently consists of a wonderful, faithful husband/loving and active father Daniel, the wife and mommy Carina (me!) and eight amazing children.

We are so incredibly blessed to get to raise up these precious puppies to be part of your family. We pray for each one before they leave that they will fulfill the Lord's will and bring a blessing to their new family and all that they meet. We pray and hope that they will bring healing to someone suffering, ease life's trials and bring lots of smiles and laughter. All the phone calls, pictures and emails I get sharing with me the joy, smiles and love that they bring into the lives of all who know them are what makes the work and effort worth it. All the hundreds of hours of work, sleepless nights, pouring out of love so that they in turn can pour that love into others, all the cleaning poop, bending over the tub washing dirty dogs, cleaning muddy foot prints off the freshly moped floors, every ounce of work, mud and poop is worth it to see the smiles and healing they bring!

Daniel is the backbone to our business, doing the majority of the care of the big dogs, all our grooming and all the maintenance issues that come up! He's the one that gets up in the middle of the night to help a Mama dog whelp a litter or let someone out potty. He crate trains your puppies so that they will have an easier transition to your home. I keep up the website (by sending the changes into the fabulous person who knows about such things!) and take all the calls, answer peoples questions, help make matches between people and their puppies, basically do all things that have to do with our clients. I do all the learning about natural health principles and how to keep our dogs healthy and increase longevity and quality of life though the natural rearing process. I create meals, order food, find new resources for local organically raised meats to feed the dogs and am in charge of everyone's nutrition and health. I make sure each and every puppy is thriving and well loved. Daniel is the practical and the muscles and I am the heart.

Danielle, our adult daughter is a dog trainer and does an excellent job at training and socializing the puppies. If you leave your puppy for extended training, she's the one that will be doing the formal obedience. We practice good house manners training with the puppies where quiet time is encouraged in the house and potty time and play time for outside. By the time our puppies leave us they have an excellent foundation of crate, potty and good house manners training. We strongly encourage new puppy owners to practice attachment puppying methods where the puppy is attached to you, in their crate or you're directly interacting with them, training, playing a game, etc. We have found this method of training extremely useful even for adult rescue dogs.

Our puppies are renowned for their gentle, reliable and intelligent dispositions as well as their beautiful Teddy Bear looks. They make wonderful, loving family companions. While our dogs make excellent companions for many different types of families and home situations, we specialize in breeding and raising our pups to do especially well in homes with children and to work as service and therapy dogs. This is due to their solid and reliable dispositions and easy trainability.

Our dogs are first and foremost our friends and loving companions. They sleep in the house and play with our children and their friends. Some of our favorite games are to stand at the top of the hill of our property and throw the ball down so they can chase it and bring it back and in the summer, playing in the hose together! We also love setting up obstacle and agility courses for them to play on and playing hide and go seek which we've taught several of our dogs to play!

We are very diligent in choosing the dogs we will use for our breeding program. Both the Bitch and Sire must be of excellent temperament, not showing aggression, or shyness. They must be intelligent, calm, easily trainable and gentle. They must closely resemble what the AKC Standard of their breed requires for conformation and temperament, and they must either pass their health certifications, or come from parents who have passed, or both, for problems known to be present in their breeds.

While our dogs are show quality and have champion lines, we do not breed for show. We strongly urge the new owners of our puppies to go to group obedience classes, both to learn good manners and for socialization. it's also excellent learning for owners. Even if you're a doggie pro there are always new things you can learn at a class. Not only will your dog love this one on one time with you and be much happier because they know what's expected of them, but you will also have a well mannered dog that you don't have to be afraid to take in public with you.

We work extensively with our puppies to make the transition from our home to yours as smooth as possible for your puppy and you. Our puppies will come into your home confident, not shy. They are used to all the typical household noises. They will be crate trained and be able to go 7-8 hours at night by the time you take them home at ten weeks. While extremely loving, gentle and friendly dogs, they also are a very intuitive and loyal dog that makes a good watch dog should an unusual circumstance with someone with less than pure motives arise.

All the puppies are raised in the living room of our house. Each puppy is given lots of attention and love by people of all ages, especially children. They are exposed to other animals that live in our home as well. Their nails are clipped on a regular basis so they get used to their feet being touched, they are lightly brushed daily so they become accustomed to grooming, we even take them for rides in the car! Each puppy is held and cradled in our arms and in the arms of my children many times each day, indeed, they are fully integrated into our daily routine. Puppies sit quietly tethered to us with a hands free leash while we work on the computer or do school work. When that quiet time is over, they are taken outside for potty and more lively play time! Each puppy in the litter is comfortable being held on their back cradled in your arms while you rub their bellies. They will stay in this position until your arm tires of holding them! We love having a puppy snuggle in our arms while we watch a movie in the evening!

It's important to me to take time talking to you over the phone to make sure that one of our puppies is going to be a good match for your needs. I am more a people person than a paper pushing person. I feel that I can get to know you better through talking with you on the phone than I could reading answers to questions on paper. I like to listen as you share about who you are and what your day to day looks like, as well as share with you about who we are. This way I can help you choose a puppy that will fit perfectly into your home.

Please take a look around for more information and of course pictures of our family, both canine and human! We have excellent references I'd be happy to give you. Shipping is available either with or without a flight nanny, (either my husband or adult daughter.) Door to door delivery or meeting you part way is also available, even if you live across country.

Puppies come with a home made scented blankie to help ease the separation, a spay/neuter contract and extensive health guarantee. They will be freshly bathed and groomed and I will give you all the before and after support you may need with your new furry family member.

God Bless You and Your Family,
Daniel and Carina Guillory
(209) 786-1861
Located near Sacramento California
many people wonder what the gtgwsu in my email stands for,
it means "Glory to God who saves us!"


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