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Meet Buddy

We have a wonderful male German Shepard that we pulled off the streets. He was dumped by his owners. He's approximately 16 months old. He is not the typical American bred German Shepard with the super angled back legs that always end up having hip dysplasia. He looks more like the German bred ones that are larger, darker and have a straighter back for proper conformation and healthy hips. He's a stunningly good looking! The picture doesn't begin to do him justice!

We are looking for a forever family to adopt him. There will be an adoption fee and adoption agreement to be signed before adopting. We follow a holistic approach to dog care and will require whoever adopts him to continue in that method. I will give as much support, help and knowledge as needed to help you on the road, both before bringing him home and after.

Home visit will need to be done in order for him to be adopted, if you are not open to this, we will not be able to adopt him to you. If you are interested in giving a home to this wonderful dog, please call me. I will need to know about your and your day to day to help determine if he's a good fit. Once it's determined on the phone that he would be a good match for your household, we will schedule a time to have you out to meet him. If that goes well, we can schedule the home visit.

Below is some information about the breed. Buddy is somewhere between a level 2 and 3 temperament which is outlined below. He's a little stronger than a 2 but not quite as "hot" as a 3.

Buddy is a neutered, friendly, active, independent, large, strong puppy! He is not a dog for an inexperienced dog person. He needs basic obedience and love. He's willing, intelligent and a fast learner. We have crate trained him and started him on basic obedience. He's extremely intelligent, willing and a fast learner. I will probably cry a little when he leaves us!

Buddy has a strong prey drive and therefore is probably best in a home without cats or other small animals and small children. He does well with our children ages 8 and up, however this will vary per person. Our children are extremely dog confident and knowledgeable and have been around dogs since infancy. He's too much for our 3 and 5 year olds and given the opportunity, will "shepherd" (chase,) them with his mouth open! Edited to say that he's doing much better with this as he's learning manners and appropriate behavior. I think given more training and love, he would do fine with children of all ages but I'm not sure about the small animals, it's hard to imagine he won't always chase them. It's good to note though, that while he chases, he doesn't seem to have malicious intent, he just loves a good chase!

Now that Buddy has settled into a routine here and knows he will receive love and exercise, his house behaviors are much better. He wasn't potty trained but like all things, he's learning quickly. We take him out for about 20 minutes of exercise two to three times a day letting him run and chase the birds, play with other dogs, etc. After his exercise we bring him in the house and tether him to one of us with a hands free leash. He is very happy to be with us and will mostly just lie down by our side happily. He's very patient about waiting for his exercise as well as patient about being in a kennel/yard or crate. We use a kennel to potty him in and sometimes we'll leave him there for an hour or so before someone can come for him. He is not a barker or digger, he just sits quietly or when he sees you, he'll stand up and wag his tail and lay his ears down asking for attention. The way he lays his huge ears flat back when he's happy and being submissive, is the cutest EVER! This guy is really special.

Here is excellent information on the type of training that is necessary. We have been using this style of training with him and he's doing very well. Please read it over and make sure you're willing to invest time and effort into the life of this wonderful boy in exchange for a wonderful loyal friend. https://www.gcgsr.org/leadership.html

ALL German Shepherds

  • Are intelligent, energetic, powerful, alert, bossy, noisy and mouthy (like to use their teeth)
  • Are protective, possessive and territorial, and usually wont let strangers walk in the door
  • Are control freaks with strong herding drive (instincts), and usually have strong prey drive
  • Shed all year long, and will shed twice as heavily in the spring and fall
  • Need ongoing socialization, structure, leadership, exercise, training and affection
  • Need to be made a part of the family, and are not good as outside-only dogs
  • Need a purpose in life, or will find their own amusements by barking, chewing, digging and escaping

The Dog Rating Levels are based on the GSDs inherent drives, confidence, attitude and personality. The higher the Rating Level, the more confident and demanding the dog is, and the more of everything the dog will require.

Buddy is between a level 2 and 3, a solid 2.5!

Level 2 Moderate & Adaptable

  • Balanced mix of confidence and submissiveness. Middle of the road dogs, fairly eager to please. Will occasionally test leadership abilities, but really dont want to be the leader.
  • Usually Moderate Energy, can range from Low to High, which can be satisfied with daily walks and play or training time. Need some basic obedience lessons, then may need occasional refresher courses.
  • If needs are not met, can be insecure leaders and can become overly protective, possessive, and territorial. Can develop Separation Anxiety.
  • This level fits the widest variety of households.

Level 3 Confident & Challenging

  • Confident with very little submissiveness, the standard breed temperament. Assertive and pushy, will challenge leadership status. Independent problem-solvers that will try to out-think their owners.
  • Usually Moderate to High Energy. Need a job, with physical and mental exercise regularly for life.
  • If needs are not met, can take over household in a hot second. Can become destructive or escapists.
  • This is the most common level in rescue.



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